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Nutritional Lunch Program Starts at the Elementary School in the Philippines

On Wednesday this week, our lunch program officially started at the Malagos Elementary Baguio District school in the Davao, Philippines. If you recall, last fall, the PTA made a special product called Tableya. Made from roasted cocoa beans, milled into a tablet, Tableya is a traditional Filipino drink. You drop the tablet into hot water, add sugar and milk to your liking to have a unique hot chocolate drink!

We sold the product to our customers for $10, and the $9 profit funded a fully sustainable nutritional program for each and every student to have one hot meal everyday. The meals are purchased from our partner Convoy of Hope. This program was started to meet the needs of the extremely malnourished students in the elementary school before addressing their scholastic and technological needs.

Through Chocolate University, Pipkin Middle School in Springfield, Mo., came last fall to hear Shawn Askinosie talk about the new feeding program and how it is 100% sustainable, requiring no donation. We sold the 500 packages of Tableya in little over a month, which fully funded the program for every student for a full year.

We could not be more thrilled to see the program go into full effect this week and look forward to selling Tableya again in the fall to fund the nutritional program for next year!

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  1. Has Khan Academy or KA Lite software programs been deployed in the Philippines by Chocolate University?

    Thanks for your help

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