Students meet to prepare for trip to Tanzania

2014-05-21 18.53.08Our 2014 class of Chocolate University students are preparing for the experience of a lifetime.

In less than 2 months, they will accompany Shawn on an origin trip to Tanzania to learn first-hand about Direct Trade, social responsibility and work on community development projects with local cocoa farmers and students. 

Now Accepting Chocolate University Applications Until Oct. 11

We’re excited to announce that we’re accepting applications for the Askinosie Chocolate Universtiy trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2014. All applications must be submitted by October 11, 2013. This program is open to current Springfield High School juniors and seniors (public, private and home-school). All questions should be directed to Dr. John Taylor at for details on the application process. Watch this informational video by Bob Linder to learn more about the program and see below for application and schedule.

Chocolate University Application

Chocolate University Schedule

Reflecting on Tanzania Trip: Audrey Luehrs

This post is a descriptive essay about the Tanzania trip written by Audrey Luehrs, a senior at Central High School. After graduation, Audrey plans to attend med school and hopes to eventually practice in Africa. 

Our trip to Tanzania had an emotional, life-changing impact on me. Since I have been home from Tanzania my life has not been the same.

Before leaving we read the book, Half the Sky. In reading the book I really struggled with the concept of why I was so privileged to be born in the United States with all of the opportunities that being an American offered.  I couldn’t grasp the fact that another girl, just like me, could be born in another country with what seemed to be but a few bleak options.

When I arrived in Tanzania I was able to sit down and get to know the girls that lived there. A local nurse translated for us and we had a ‘normal’ conversation.  It was then that I realized something few people ever truly understand. I knew then that these girls were no different than me; they were girls just like me. I also realized that being born in Africa is not a dire existence.  I recognized that the people of Tanzania have good lives and are not “less fortunate” in most cases.

I have always thought that in the future I would want to go to medical school and eventually open some sort of clinic in Africa. After my trip I knew for sure. I now have a passion deeper than I could have ever imagined. I physically cannot wait to return in hopes of enriching their lives as they have enriched mine.

This trip has overall changed my perspective of other cultures and specifically developing countries. I am incredibly thankful to Shawn Askinosie, all of my travel mates, and the people of Tanzania, for literally changing my life in only nine short days. Without the exact combination of people who went and those that I met, this trip could not have been the same nor would it have had the impact on my life that it has had.