A modern and wondrous preschool for the children in the Mababu, Tanzania village

Sounds like: Chek-a-chey-ya
Translation: Swahili for Kindergarten

In 2014, the 60 member farming co-op in Mababu wrote a vision for their role in the community which included several areas reinforcing their dedication to a great education for the children of the village.

In 2018, the group chartered a project with start up support from The Askinosie Foundation to create a wondrous and modern preschool for their village.

The Mababu Chekechea is a private school serving 300 families with students age 4–6 by applying modern approach to preschool education and will serve as a regional training ground for early childhood educators.

The Mababu Chekechea (Swahili for Kindergarten) offers an engaging education to children aged 4–6 – government primary school begins at age 7. The vision for the school incorporates new thinking on discipline, nutrition education and play-based and project centered learning.

Our funding supports the start up costs for land, construction, training and recruitment. Classes are slated to begin in January 2020.

Chekechea Road Map