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Empowered Girls is an after-school program that seeks to inspire confidence and give girls the tools they need to succeed.

Through education, awareness-building, and leadership and life skills training, girls learn how to discover their power, raise their voice, and become leaders in their schools and villages. A collaborative, team-building environment helps support girls in their efforts to set and achieve goals for their future, and inspire others to do the same.

The Askinosie Foundation sponsors three Empowered Girls Clubs in the Kyela region of southwestern Tanzania, where Askinosie Chocolate sources some of our cocoa beans:

  • Mwaya Secondary School (2011–present)
  • Mababu Primary School (2014–present)
  • Matema Secondary School (2018–present)

Our funding supports the program staffing, led by Askinosie Chocolate’s Tanzania Project Manager, Saraphiner. Sponsorship also includes funds for supplies, like notebooks and pens, as well as a graduation ceremony and staff mentorship. Each club has 150–200 active students registered.

Empowered Girls meet once per week while school is in session to accomplish the following objectives:
  1. To empower girls with positive self-esteem and self-awareness
  2. To help girls to know their rights and what or where to go when their rights are violated
  3. To teach girls to pursue education, set goals in life, stay focused and have a bright future
  4. To equip girls with life skills for success, now and later in life
  5. To create wisdom among girls about reproductive health
  6. To reduce or eliminate student pregnancies, prevent abortions and abortion deaths, and reduce childhood marriages

The daily student activity and integration with the school administration is monitored by a lead teacher at each club. These generous teachers volunteer their time to lead the club members.

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