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Chekechea – A modern and wondrous preschool for the children in the Mababu, Tanzania village.

Sounds like: Chek-a-chey-ya.
Translation: Swahili word meaning “preschool”, literal translation is
“little things”.

Based on a vision to improve education offerings for children in the village, the Mababu CCF has founded the Mababu Chekechea Day Care Centre – a private preschool serving up to 300 students ages 5–6 through a modern approach to offering quality, accessible and affordable early childhood education to support the upcoming generation of well-rounded, life-long learners in Mababu, Tanzania.

Typical government primary school education in the area begins at age 7. Many studies share the benefits of earlier education opportunities for students. The Mababu Chekechea offers an engaging education to children aged 5–6.  The school incorporates new thinking on discipline, nutrition education and play-based and project-centered learning. 

The Mababu Chekechea is operated by the Mababu CCF.  The Askinosie Foundation is committed to the ongoing support of student scholarships and teacher training. The Askinosie Foundation also works to support the school’s success by funding individual capital projects such as a library or playground equipment.

Meet the Team: Faculty & Staff

Violet Leonard, Education Consultant & CCF Advisor; Odrino Mwandalima, Lead Teacher; Grace Mpoki, Class Teacher; Oliver Mfuse, Class Teacher; Shadrock; Abel Mwaipunga, Assistant Teacher; Iman (Julius) Uswege, Assistant Teacher; Constantino Nwandemange, Assistant Teacher; Olga Jacob, Matron; Kassian Severin, Security; Claudia Fidelis, Cook; Mary Martin, Cook; Saini Petro, Cleaner; Tuganigwe Ngonya, Cleaner

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