Preschool Learning (and Gardening) Shine On

Written by Missy Gelner – Executive Director, The Askinosie Foundation

The Tanzanian government has closed all schools in the country, preschool through university, to protect students from the global corona pandemic. Thanks to great efforts by the dedicated Mababu Chekechea teachers, the preschoolers in Mababu continue learning at home. The teachers have prepared learning packets for their registered preschool students with games and activities to complete at home with the hope to continue their cognitive development.  Parents safely pick up the packets from school and work at home to complete the content with their students. The future impact of coronavirus in the country is still unknown. But, until the hopeful return to school, the chekechea students continue to grow through learning at home.

Speaking of growth, the chekechea teachers have also used the time at school to install a community garden onsite designed to support both the education and nourishment of the chekechea students and families. In this agricultural driven community, it is especially valuable for the students to have respect for the work, growing process and rewards of the garden. The curriculum will grow to incorporate new lessons from the garden when students return to the physical building space.  We will keep you updated as the garden, and the chekechea school, grow together. But, wow – check out this community garden!