Hunger is a global issue effecting countless students throughout the world and inevitably impeding the process of education.

One of the projects the Chocolate University students are doing while in Tanzania is initiating a sustainable food program for the students at the Mwaya Secondary School. Using the same model as the sustainable lunch program in the Philippines, the PTA is producing a product (rice), and Askinosie Chocolate is going to sell the rice to its customers and give all the profit to fund a nutritional lunch program for these students in Tanzania. This region of Tanzania is known for its delicious sweet rice offering Askinosie customers a unique tasting opportunity.

Yesterday, the Chocolate University students and the Mwaya students worked on stamping and filling the rice bags together. Another group also measured the height, weight and arm circumference of all the students, so that the effect of the food program can be evaluated throughout time. In the late fall, the rice will come ship with our container of cocoa beans from Tanzania so that no shipping costs will occur. Using this system, the program is fully sustainable, requiring no donations.

This will come full circle when this same PTA who are producing the rice will have the opportunity to prepare prepare lunches for the students once the program is in place.