As the Cocoa Honors trip comes to a close the students have collected a wealth of video to capture the memories made during their travels.  Click on the links below to see some truly heartwarming experiences.

Children of Tenende Village – Tanzania

This clip is from our first day in the village where the children started singing this song to us impromptu.

Doing the Hokey Pokey for the kids of Tenende Village Tanzania

Here is a clip where we are teaching the village kids the Hokey Pokey. Our dancing isn’t the best and maybe we could have picked a better song at our first meeting with the kids. However, it seemed these encounters with the children made a huge impact on the entire Cocoa Honors group.

Moravian Church Tenende Tanzania

In this next clip you will see the Morovian Church of Tenende Tanzania. We were treated as honored guests.

Mama Kyeja and the Moravian Church of Tenende Tanzania

The final music video of the trip (again from the Moravian Church in Tenende). This video is great because you can see Mama Kyeja – the Chairwoman of UWATE – our farmer group of Tenende. She is the choir leader wearing the black dress with white print on the left. Almost everyone in the choir is a farmer supplying us with cocoa beans.