Graduation Day 2022 for Empowered Girls and Enlightened Boys

Cheers are in order for the 2022 Empowered Girls and Enlightened Boys program graduates! In total, 191 boys and 206 girls from the Matema, Mwaya, and Mababu cocoa farming villages graduated from the programs. 

Graduation is an exceptional day in the village, complete with decorations, a tasty meal, and an awards ceremony — all prepared by the students! Students entertain and prove their understanding of important club lessons through skits, poetry, dance, and speeches. As a true testament to the success of the clubs, girls and boys now work together to prepare the meal and skits. Prior to the clubs, these tasks would have been specific to one gender with little coordination between the girls’ and boys’ clubs.

Askinosie Chocolate cocoa farmer partners are honored guests as well as dedicated club sponsors and student mentors.  Teachers are shown appreciation by the students for their commitment to leading the after-school clubs. 

Students were provided with hygiene products – soap, feminine pads, underwear, toothbrushes, and paste. These materials help students to attend school with pride and enrich their quality of life. Exemplary students are selected by their peers and recognized in several categories, including Academic, Discipline, Cleanliness, Participation, and Sports. This year a new category was added, and select students were awarded “Best Vision Writers.”  Visioning is an integral part of the Empowered Girls and Enlightened Boys programs. Edgar, Enlightened Boys Alumni, shared with students why creating a vision was essential to his success: 

”At Enlightened Boys, I was able to learn and understand about vision … I wrote down my vision by starting with prouds. [I] am now doing excellent in my studies because [I] am still focusing on fulfilling and accomplishing my dreams/goals. [I] am advising club members to live their dreams, plan your future, and make serious follow up. You will succeed.”

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